Culworth Grounds Farm offers a tranquil and peaceful place for horses to relax whilst they are having a rest from training, recovering from injury, or pre and post-operative care. At Culworth Grounds we work with trainers, owners, vets and agents to tailor a holiday specific to each horse.

With excellent facilities including an indoor arena, outdoor arena, horse walker and an all- weather gallop, programmes can be created for horses to be kept ticking over whilst on holiday or brought slowly back into work.  We can provide all ranges of turnout including cage pens, small turnout paddocks and larger fields depending on the grazing required.

Our vets from Walnut Hill Equine are on hand whenever we need them and provide us with first class veterinary care and advise. Whilst having talented farrier Sean Wheelan on site most weeks, we make sure that every base is covered, with the aim to provide the best care for your horse.

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Seasonal Boarding

We welcome seasonal boarders who are visiting stallions around the UK. Our central location means that we have easy access to many studs. We work closely with our vets during the breeding season so that your mare is seen at every stage of the process to enable the perfect timing. When she is ready to be covered we take care of booking the transport and making sure that all the necessary paperwork and clinical reports are in order. The appropriate after covering care will be carried out and the owners will be kept informed about how the process is progressing.

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