Contract Farming 

Timely and efficient operations are key to maximising output and by investing in cutting edge technology, modern machinery. Our team of well trained, experienced and enthusiastic operators allow to maintain ample capacity in order to achieve maximum output.

As well as “Stubble to Stubble” contracting, we provide the following services;

  • Muck Spreading (Rolland – horizontal beaters with weigh cells)
  • Fertiliser spreading (KRM with weigh cells)
  • Spraying (36m/24m John Deere self-propelled)
  • Cultivations (a range of modern cultivations equipment)
  • Rolling – Cambridge Roll (12.3m Dal Bo)
  • Drilling (4m Mzuri Pro til - with fertiliser application & 6m Horsch Pronto disc drill)
  • Over seeding grass (disc drill and/or grass harrow with seeder)
  • Grass Harrowing (Opico Grass Harrow)
  • Flat rolls (6.3m hydraulic folding)
  • Topping (Front and rear mounted flail & Teagle inter-row mower)
  • Mowing (front and rear mounted Krone disc mowers)
  • Baling (Straw & Hay/Haylage)
  • Wrapping (McHale 998)
  • Telehandlers (Class Scorpions 7035, 7040 & 7050)
  • Excavators (3t and 13t JCB)
  • Plant trailers (3.5t to 27t hydraulic beaver tail)
  • Vibrating Roller (JCB 120 Vibramax tandem)

We are keen to grow the farm business via acquisitions of more farmland and collaboration agreements with other farmers and landowners by renting land, contract farming or ad hoc contracting.