Countryside Stewardship

Culworth Grounds is part of a countryside stewardship scheme and as part of that we have planted more than 10,000 tree and hedge plants on the holding, which is just a part of the ongoing investment in wildlife habitats.

Almost 30 acres of new parkland has been created using traditional parkland trees and native species grasses, which is very much in its infancy but with continued management will develop into a mature and valuable environmental amenity.


Over 20 kilometres of native species hedge and tree belts are actively managed with hundreds of metres of new hedges being planted since 2006.

Cutting is limited to two years in every five with no cutting taking place between the end of February and 1st September each year, to allow hedges to fruit. Cutting is delayed as long as possible into the winter to leave food (such as berries) for wild birds. Roadside verges and hedges have to be cut more frequently for road safety.