As a business and as a family we adopt a very proactive approach to renewables, recycling and sustainable development. This is primarily due to the long term financial benefits as well as the wider environmental and economic benefits, which we believe will become increasingly evident.

Solar Photovoltaic

As a farm diversification project, Culworth Grounds developed a 3.6 mW solar photovoltaic park in 2014, which is sited on 20 acres of grassland and comprises a series of solar photovoltaic panels mounted on a steel frame structure at ground level.

These panels are designed to absorb energy from the sun, converting it into usable electricity which is fed into the national grid for use on the farm and by the wider grid users.

Renewable Heating Systems

All of the heat required by the various buildings on the estate is generated by either wood pellet boilers, wood chip boilers or heat pumps.

“Organic” Fertiliser

All the manure from the bloodstock business, the pig unit and cattle parts of the business is spread back on the arable farmland with both financial and environmental benefits, reducing the farm’s reliance on bought-in artificial fertiliser.

Livestock Bedding and Feed

Straw from the farm’s cereal crops is used for bedding livestock and bloodstock on the holding, which also benefit from the high quality hay and haylege produced from the grass leys on the farm.